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Ultrasounds may be forced on abortion patients

April 12th, 2007     by Zoe Cormier     Comments

Have you guys seen this garbage?

A new law may be passed in South Carolina requiring that women seeking abortions be forced to view an ultrasound image of their developing fetus, clearly with the intention of making her feel guilty for her decision and turning her away from it. (With of course the oh-so-American addition of “except in cases of rape or incest.”)

According to this MSNBC news piece,

‘The bills sponsor, Rep. Greg Delleney, a Republican, said the measure would save lives and a lifetime of regret for some women. She can determine for herself whether she is carrying an unborn child deserving of protection or whether its just an inconvenient, unnecessary part of her body and an abortion fits her circumstances at that time, Delleney told NBC affiliate WIS-TV of Columbia.’

Correction. The woman has already determined for herself what to do. It’s called the right to choose, jerk.

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