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Um… “The little fluffy bunny sipped tea and felt flowery feelings?”

March 23rd, 2007     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

The CBC Radio 1 program And Sometimes Y is airing a story tomorrow (Saturday @ 11:30am) on: “Do men use language differently from women? We find out what makes speech or writing masculine or feminine.” Apparently the show first ran last August, but if you missed it, it sounds like it may be worth tuning in this time.

And the week following (Saturday, March 31st @ 11:30am) will be on: “how to talk in ‘gender-neutral’ language, and why people try to do this.”

(Yeah, that’s a real headscratcher. Why would people try to do that? Why, why, why… hmmm… )

The guest list looks like it may bear munchable linguistic fruits. It includes: * Norah Vincent, the author of Self-Made Man; * Nicole Brossard, “who explains the word phallogocentrism”; and * Josey Vogels, the author of <a href=”” target=_blank”>The Secret Language of Girls (though I wouldn’t say the description of this book makes me want to run to my local bookstore)

There are a couple of audio clip teasers available on the CBC website here. Norah’s clip about women bankrupting their breath is especially interesting.

I don’t know whether this will be one of those moments when CBC shines, or if it will be a pallid ‘meh’ sort of show. Worth a listen to find out I’d wager. (Come on CBC, bring home that progressive Canadian bacon…)

I’m going to be afr (away from radio) at 11:30, so I’ll rely on you to let me know if it warrants thumbs up or down.

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