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April 3rd, 2016     by Ronak Ghorbani     Comments

Illustration: Erin McPhee

Black Lives Matter-Toronto (BLMTO) Tent City is now in its 14th day of continuous protest at Toronto Police Headquarters.

Below are a few stories from the past week about BLMTO’s organizing. Make sure to check out the hashtags #BLMTOBLACKCITY and #BLMTOTENTCITY and the BLMTO Facebook page for updates.

Tomorrow morning, Monday April 4th, at 10:30 AM there will be a BLMTO march starting at Toronto Police Headquarters.

Last week folks in Vancouver held a rally in support of the #WeBelieveSurvivors campaign after Jian Ghomeshi was acquitted of all charges of sexual assault:

If you’re looking for new people to follow on Twitter, check out this list put out by Papermag: “Amazing women to follow on the internet right now.”

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