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Weekly Round Up: March 6

March 6th, 2016     by Ronak Ghorbani     Comments

Illustration: Erin McPhee

Coming up on Tuesday March 8th is International Women’s Day. Rallies and celebrations were held across Canada on Saturday (see here for a recap of the marches in Edmonton and Toronto and here for Hamilton’s Sexual Assault Centre event via their Twitter feed). If you’re in the Vancouver area, check out the Girls Rock Camp fundraiser on March 8th.

From chefs, to emcees, to neurologists, gender parity is something women are still fighting for across all industries in Canada.

Craig Morrison founder of Oasis Skateboard Factory, an alternative high school in Toronto where students create and sell skateboards, talks about the inspirations behind starting Oasis:

“I really think it’s important for school not to be make-believe. If we do stuff at OSF, it’s because we believe it should be a real project, in the real world.” 

Comedian Akilah Hughes outlines how while the all-female lead in the upcoming Ghostbusters is a step in the right direction, the depiction of the only Black lead character Leslie Jones still falls into Hollywood tropes.

Fashion retailer Zara has released a line of gender-neutral clothing

For new music this week check out New York-based producer Nire’s playlist featuring the likes of Fatima Al Qadiri and samples from talks by feminist activists Dr. Vandan Shiva, Winona LaDuke and bell hooks:

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