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November 19th, 2016     by Michaela Cavanagh     Comments

Illustrator: Erin McPhee

In the first full week following the American election, the internet finds spaces for self care amidst more bad news.

No charges in Val-d’Or abuse scandal will breed further mistrust, Indigenous leaders say.

GUTS Magazine’s latest issue came out this week, the theme of which was LOVE. Highlights include Black Girl on the Internet by M. Mohamed, a visual collection for all the teenage girls who have created other worlds for themselves when the here and now was never enough.

Resist, Breathe, Repeat. Lauren Crazybull on resisting colonialism’s grasp on her relationship to herself and her kin.

Margaret Jacobsen writes about how white women can take responsibility to change the conversation about gender to include race and class.

Officials are investigating a string of hate crimes in Ottawa this week.

Lia Grimanis is helping homeless and at risk women rebuild their lives.

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