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October 29th, 2016     by Victoria Fleming     Comments

Illustrator: Erin McPhee

FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture, an art activist effort based in the US, published an infographic showing the correlation between pipeline developments and the sexual assault of Aboriginal women. Although the graphic represents American statistics, this correlation should spark a much needed conversation in Canada.

Body Confidence Canada is throwing some serious shade at the TTC for their National Ballet campaign, saying it promotes unhealthy and unattainable body images.

Alicia Harris, a Toronto Filmmaker, criticizes our rigid and narrow definitions of rape in her short film Maybe If It Were A Nice Room by giving a voice to the overlooked survivors of domestic rape.

Aboriginal communities and environmental groups are standing up for their rights by filing lawsuits against the Government of Canada after they gave a Natural Gas project in B.C. the green light without consulting the local Indigenous populations.

Nadia Murad Basee and Lamiya Aji Bashar, Yazidi women and survivors of sexual enslavement by ISIS, received Europe’s most prestigious human rights award, the Sakharov Prize.

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