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Weighing in on Lybrel

May 25th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

I’m sure most of you now know that the Food and Drug Administration south of the border has approved Lybrel, a birth control pill that would eliminate a woman’s monthly period. The ability to limit your period is not new, but Lybrel would mark the first time a method is intended to be utilized to cease it completely. Already the debates have started, both here and in the States where the drug is readily available. It does indeed bring up a variety of issues, some sane and others completely insane, but I’m interested to know what readers think of the idea.

As someone who has been on the birth control pill for almost a decade and has ocassionally taken it continuously to avoid my period for an event, vacation or (cough) “tryst,” I am not necessarily opposed to the idea. Also, as someone who experiences a reasonably painless period, I don’t think I’m in a position to state that it is “wrong” for a woman to want to eliminate a painful period from her life.

Having said that, I am slightly uncomfortable with some of the rhetoric around the pill - it seems to promote a sense of shame around mensturation that I can’t abide.


And for your amusement, care of The Onion:


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