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Well Worn: Andrea’s loved denim jacket

July 24th, 2014     by Andrea Manica     Issue 26: Issue 26: The Fashion Issue     Comments

(Editor’s note: We asked Shameless editors, writers, and illustrators of our Fashion issue to tell us about their favourite item of clothing, shoes or accessory. Here is the first installation of our four-part blog series Well Worn.)

My favourite article of clothing is my denim jacket. My grandmother bought it for me from a thrift store in Kitchener, Ontario about five years ago. I don’t have much attachment to any other item of clothing because they come and go, most of my wardrobe is made up of clothes I got for free, but I have yet to find a jacket that fits as well as this one does, and matches as well with every outfit as this one does. It is small and a little stretchy and the pockets and buttons on the front have “Nine Planet Jeans” written on them. The jacket is vintage because it was made when Pluto was still a planet! I even used the brand name as my username on the dating site Ok Cupid.

This jacket has travelled with me to Boston, Pittsburgh, Serbia, and California. Each spring I wonder if denim jackets are still cool, but then I stop caring because I remember how great my jean jacket looks and feels. I roll up the sleeves when it is warm and roll them down when it is chilly. I tie it around my waist like I did when I was 10 with my sweaters and long-sleeved shirts. When I had my Samsung flip phone I would keep it in my jacket’s front left pocket— it fit perfectly in there.

I wear the jacket to paint murals on walls and over cute dresses when I go on dates; it is so versatile. It is getting rips all up the seams of the arms, and on the shoulders from wearing my mini backpack. I sometimes look for a replacement jacket when I go shopping, but none feel as good and fit as well—none compare. This jacket has become a second skin; it’s formed to fit me perfectly. You know, I have never thought of where it was sold originally, but I am glad I found it. It is funny how some thrift store items are worn once and forgotten, and some are worn almost every day of the season, for years and years.

Andrea Manica is an illustrator from Toronto. You can find her work at and her comics at Check out Andrea’s illustrations for the feature “Political fashion” on page 24 in Shameless’ Fashion issue on newsstands and library shelves now!

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