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What is love? A Collection of Love Stories as seen through the eyes of Toronto’s Artistic Community

February 12th, 2015     by Romi Cameron     Comments

As February begins and the time for valentines and love letters nears, the desire to express your feelings might quickly blossom alongside a feeling of anxiety over what will happen once the love you feel has been thrown out into the world. This conversation between desire and anxiety is the inspiration for a new zine entitled A Finger Traced My Left Nipple; I Thought that it was Love.

Produced by Toronto writer and poet Amanda Norsworthy, the new zine will introduce readers to a wide range of female and queer artists from Toronto. Having faced many struggles with love and relationships, Norsworthy felt it was important to share her thoughts and opinions regarding the topic.

“I have always felt inspired when talking about love,” she explains while describing the motivation behind her new publication. “Valentines Day often brings up a lot of good, and not-so-good emotions, so I wanted to share all of it.”

Once she learned to express these feelings she felt it would be productive to share them. She began a conversation with other artists regarding their own experiences, and A Finger Traced My Left Nipple; I Thought that it was Love was the result.

Each entry to the zine is unique to the artists and reflects their own opinions and understandings of love, and focuses on the idea of how it constantly changes. Whether a person is single or in a partnership, love confronts a person with new challenges, changing ones idea of what love is. The unique experiences of each contributor are meant to function as a reference point for readers and spark conversations regarding the challenges of love. “What I’m hoping to accomplish is inspiration,” states Norsworthy.

Norsworthy describes the zine as funny and imaginative. Stories of honest communication are mingled between recorded late night phone calls, inscriptions on washroom stalls and rainy day conversations with bartenders. Contributions by artists such as Basia Wyszynski, Maya Fuhr, Kendra Yee, Hannah Ward, Katherine Leyton, Michelle Lefade are pieced together to prove that what love means to each person is completely unique.

“Love is something we can all understand and relate to in some aspect,” concludes Norsworthy, encouraging everyone to look out for the new zine, A Finger Traced My Left Nipple; I Thought that it was Love. The zine will soon be available online. To view more material from the publication, be sure to check out the Pebble Magazine tumblr. There are a lot of thoughts, experiences and feelings to be shared when discussing love and there should be no reason to hold back. So this Valentines Day, don’t be afraid to start a conversation or to open a new discussion about love, and if there is someone you love, tell them your stories.

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