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February 10th, 2009     by Tiina Johns     Comments

Canadian illustrator and comic artist J. Bone does so much adorable, amazing stuff. I love him. Here are some reasons why.

J. Bone drew this picture for Wonder Woman Day.

It’s been the desktop on my computer for a month. How can I grumble about all the work I have to do when I’m looking at that?

J. Bone has a blog entirely devoted to showcasing his drawings hot dudes. Superhero-y dudes, caveman dudes, sporty dudes or just plain hairy and muscly dudes.

J. Bone works closely with one of my favourite creators, Darwyn Cooke, and worked on the amazing Spirit series.

J. Bone draws the absolutely adorable covers for Super Friends.


J. Bone makes the BEST craft I have ever seen: tiny, crocheted versions of superheros!

He made this lil’ Batman for Rachelle at Living Between Wednesdays.
He has a blog to show off these guys too.

Sigh. Thanks for making my world cuter, J. Bone.

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