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Wonder Woman’s “Makeover”

July 1st, 2010     by Desirée O     Comments

As I started to see the links pop up on the internet about Wonder Woman’s new “makeover,” I began to repeat in my head, “Please let it be good! Please let it be good!”

I am not a comic aficionado and bow to those with greater super-hero knowledge than I, but I’ve loved Wonder Woman ever since my much-adored older sister would slip into her Wonder Woman bathing suit and fight poolside crime.

On Twitter, OutTV described the costume change as “less…impractically attired.”

To be honest, my first reaction was, “WTF?!!” (you can check out a pic of the full “makeover” below as well as some pics of the former Wonder Woman).

My second thought was, “I might wear that on a Saturday night, but not if I was kicking some criminal ass!”

Then, after taking some time to really look at the outfit and read the supposed reasons behind the choices, I wondered if perhaps I was being too harsh merely out of a sense of…protectiveness, I think.

To me Wonder Woman always represented the one female super-hero that I could really look up to (I’m sure there are others, but as I said, I’m not too familiar with the world of comics). I realize she showed a lot of skin and still had some of the attributes that come along with negatively stereotyping female characters. But still, she fought in a way that I hadn’t seen a female in comics before her fight - not just to fight, but to fight for what was right…and she was my hero!

As one commenter rightfully pointed out, “Wonder Woman has never been an easy character to get a handle on. She may be the toughest character to write in all of superhero comics.”

The thing is, I actually like the new outfit and maybe it’ll grow on me. But when I look at the “transformed” Wonder Woman, something seems to be lacking. She doesn’t have the fierceness she had before (maybe that’s because the pic makes it seem like she’s checking out her nails whereas Linda Carter looks like she’s about to jump up and take someone out, and the comic Wonder Woman looks like she’s going to run someone through - and that’s the Wonder Woman I’m used to).

So what do you think? Do you like the change? Is her outfit more appropriate for fighting contemporary crime? Or did her latest creators miss the mark?

Left: Linda Carter as Wonder Woman. Right: Wonder Woman comic.

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