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writing workshop with d’bi young

January 24th, 2007     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

Dub poet and Shameless profile-ee d’bi young has just added an extra class to her writing workshop. I’m repasting the info here if you’re in the Toronto area. Wish I was!

title: womben and self recovery: creative writing as a healing expression event: a three-month creative writing workshop by dbi.young date: sun. feb. 4-april 22 10-12pm fee: $125 monthly ($375 total) vegetarian | vegan meal provided info: | 416.434.1823

please note there is limited space available on a first come basis

workshop is open to all womben

this is an intimate three-month creative writing workshop for womben (all or no prior writing experience welcome) who are interested in using creative written expression as a tool to heal ourselves, as womben, queer people, mothers, working class people, differently abled people, black people, first nations people, and people of colour, our creative expression is often an extension of our lived realities. can we consciously create work that is invested in our healing processes of childhood traumas and present day oppreshuns; while rooting our expression in a love and hope that will nourish us and the people we love for seven generations to come? join me every sunday beginning february 4 april 22 from 10-12pm to create and recreate our destinies. the workshop will provide participants with various creative writing tools, a healthy space to discuss and share perspectives, as well as resources to help unlock our creative wellsprings using the study texts as a guide.

for those interested in publishing, there is also a grant writing component in the third month of the workshop.

(the info above doesn’t give an address for the workshop, but I assume if you get in touch they’ll fill you in – hearts, anna)

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