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yes, it’s true: i’m shameless

August 20th, 2007     by piKe krpan     Comments

As the Shameless reviews editor, I bike thrice-weekly to our post office box to pick up the goodies. (Note to cool writers, artists, musicians: send us your goodies!) Naturally the Post Office staff are getting to know me because I think that Shameless has the smallest post office box but receives the largest amount of packages. (Note to cool Shameless helpers: thanks for all the goodies thus far!) Last Friday I wound my way through the make-up section to the postal line-up and the fellow behind the counter saw me from afar and said delightfully “There’s that Shameless woman!”

Everyone in the line-up and the make-up section turned to look. I wonder what they were expecting. I beamed red and proud. Ya - I’m Shameless!

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