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Your Dad was a womanizer, so drink this.

November 27th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

Has anyone else caught this Canadian Club print ad that’s been showing up in newspapers lately? Not that alcohol marketing has ever been a haven for good taste or feminist values, but I have to say the idea that my dad was a womanizer who got a lot of phone numbers doesn’t exactly make me want to run out and buy some CC. Honestly, I prefer to live in a dreamland where my mom was my dad’s first, but maybe that’s just naive me. Adrants comments: Hauling out imagery 60’s and 70’s imagery from actual Beam Global employees and positioning Dad as a once cool manly man, ads state “Your Mom Wasn’t Your Dad’s First,” “Your Dad Was Not a Metrosexual” and “Your Dad Never Got a Pedicure…” Are we seeing a full-on return to the glory days of the hard liquor cocktail when beer was for factory workers and wine was for sissies?

Okay, so your dad was a real man who got a lot of action, not a sensitive girlie sissy man who indulged in grooming activities, a man who drank whisky? Liquor and beer ads are not just bikini clad beach babes and snow bunnies anymore. Their reinforcement of appalling gender stereotypes has gotten a lot more creative. See after the jump to see what I mean.

How about a scantily clad smiling robot lady (better known as “Technophonic Minnie Draughter”) who dispenses beer?:

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