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    System Fail: Challenging Oppressive Teachers in the Classroom

    January 2nd, 2013     by Guest Blogger     Comments

    by Sarah Mangle Note: I wrote a shorter of version of this piece for the recent print issue of Shameless. This blog article expands the printed article. I was invited to respond to the question: “My teacher keeps making oppressive comments in my classroom. What should I do?” Suffering through classes “taught” by teachers who deliver hateful, stereotypical, racist, abliest, sexist and otherwise problematic content as course material or offhanded comments is an all too common experience and … READ MORE

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    A shameless assessment of Ontario election advertisements and some voting tips

    October 5th, 2011     by Meg Pirie     Comments

    You may have noticed a few things over the last month if you live in Ontario. Yes, there’s a provincial election happening and besides being incredibly important, it’s also been incredibly annoying. Phone calls. Incessant attack ads. Flyers crowding your mailbox. OMG don’t you get it Conservatives? We’re just not that into you! But seriously, certain ads deserve some attention, if for no other reason than to poke fun at how ridiculous they are. After all, … READ MORE

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    Review of Women in the Field: Lunch with Jan Wong

    March 24th, 2011     by Jessica Balmer     Comments

    While the first panel discussion of the Women in the Field: Changing the Face of Journalism symposium that happened earlier this week at Ryerson University filled me with dread and fear, the second part inspired me greatly. The goddesses must have been smiling because I managed to snag a seat to the sold-out 2011 Atkinson lecture with Jan Wong. If you’re not familiar with Jan Wong, get acquainted. Wong’s list of accomplishments and controversies shows that … READ MORE

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    Think Before You Tattoo!

    June 25th, 2009     by Desirée O     Comments

    I got my first tattoo when I was 18. It was actually my 18th birthday present from my sister and was part of an amazingly wild May 2-4 weekend. But as crazy as the weekend was, the tattoo part of it was extremely planned out. I had wanted a tattoo forever, and although my mom was okay with it, she made sure I had found a reputable (i.e. clean and capable) place to get it done … READ MORE

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    I Need Your Vegetarian / Vegan Help!

    April 24th, 2009     by Desirée O     Comments

    First of all, this is not a post about the pros/cons or ethical/eco/health issues of vegetarianism. For my own reasons, and after one failed attempt a few years ago, I’m again going vegetarian, perhaps even vegan (I love cheese, but my tummy doesn’t!). I’ve been meat-free for a few months now and things are going great. I’m feeling awesome! My complexion has changed for the better, I’ve dropped a few pounds (I’m not trying to loose weight, … READ MORE

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    what’s your strategy?

    October 11th, 2008     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

    Voting season always brings up all sorts of civic-philosophical issues for me. Like, I have trouble believing in the potency of my single vote, and yet that’s the entire principle of a democratic electoral system, duh. And should I vote for the issues I care about, or against the issues I hate? Or, like my avowedly socialist housemate, I could abstain from the whole thing, or spoil my ballot as a statement … READ MORE

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    Now What?

    January 23rd, 2008     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

    Rabble.ca has launched a great new “advice column” for activists called Now What? When the stresses and strains of daily life combine with the realities of an unjust world, sometimes you just need some good advice. Ms. Communicate is here to take your questions, and each week we’ll feature her response. The first installment? Ms. Communicate outlines your options for dealing with that obnoxious right-winger in your extended family (we all have ‘em.) …you have my permission to … READ MORE

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    More Friday Fun: Walt Disney’s “Story of Menstruation”

    September 14th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

    Maybe I’m in a good mood today, but for some reason I’m all about “amusing.” On that note, please enjoy this long-lost 1946 animated Disney film, The Story of Menstruation. Disney and Kotex partnered to “set young ladies of the forties straight on the real story behind the mysterious changes their bodies were going through.” From BoingBoing: Neither sexuality nor reproduction is mentioned in this influential film, and an emphasis on sanitation makes it, as Disney historian … READ MORE

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    How not to be Shameless

    September 14th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

    Something funny for your Friday. A UK website called So Feminine has published their Ten Commandments of “Making the first move” and I have to say they made me chuckle a little bit. Not that my educational expectations were all that high. Check out this gem: 2. DON’T show you’re confident: you don’t like men who come over as cocky, right? It works the same both ways. I don’t know about you, but confident and cocky … READ MORE

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    “Ladies beware” - of everything

    August 7th, 2007     by piKe krpan     Comments

    At work today my co-worker, a well-meaning and wonderful woman, asked me to watch a special video clip on the dangers of some type of breast cancer with her. I was feeling unwilling. Not because I wanted to be ignorant (although some days I do want to bury my head in the sand), but because I was healthily suspicious. My suspicions bore out. The video clip was actually a short news segment from a local television news … READ MORE

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    A Confession, A Promise and A Funeral?

    July 22nd, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

    “It doesn’t say great things about me, but smoking has been a constant presence in my life for a long time- and I don’t remember what I used to do - or how I used to be without it.” -Emily Flake, These Things Ain’t Gonna Smoke Themselves. For the last six months I’ve been hilariously “pretending I don’t smoke.” I’ve gone from being a ten-year pack-a-day, stupidly proud, reckless, chain-smoking fiend to hiding my habit from my … READ MORE

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    “It is like trying to describe a sneeze.”

    July 6th, 2007     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

    Anne Katz wrote an excellent article in the Fall 2004 issue of Shameless discussing young women getting comfortable with sex. I’d like to pick up on that conversation with a Summer 2007 installment: on orgasms. Since this is a ‘non-professional’ entry, I think we can assume the usual disclaimer that I have no special training to bring to bear on this subject. However, that seems to be true of much of the information … READ MORE

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    Hello Cruel World, Hello Vital Read

    February 13th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

    “Hi, I’m Kate Bornstein. I’m nearly sixty years old, and a lot of people think I’m a freak for a lot of reasons. I wrote this book to help you stay alive…the world is healthier because of its outsiders and outlaws and freaks and queers and sinners. I fall neatly into all those catagories, so it’s no big deal to me if you don’t…” I read a lot of books. Some are good and some are … READ MORE

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    Fight back (part II).

    February 5th, 2007     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

    In the spirit of better late than never, this entry is the follow-up to Fight Back, Part I. (I said I’d post Part II in several weeks, right? I’m pretty sure that’s what I said. No, I said a couple. I know. Mea culpa. Also possibly holidays culpa.) This post is a follow-up on one idea: that women can’t win fights with men. As with the last post (and really, … READ MORE

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    Fight back (part I).

    December 6th, 2006     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

    Nicoles post Violent Times reminded me of something Ive been wanting to post about: assault and self-defense. This entry is specifically about self-defense against sexual assault since, regardless of where you are pulling them from, the statistics on the number of women who experience sexual assault are, well, terrifying. Most statistics agree that approximately one in four Canadian women will be sexually assaulted during her lifetime. In BC the numbers are even more staggering, … READ MORE

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    I love my cervix

    November 21st, 2006     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

    For the past 8 months I have been in the neurotic and distracted mess of a headspace brought on by a cervical cancer scare. From a questionably “bad PAP” in June to a biopsy in October, and a thousand questions and confusions in between, I have been navigating the unclear world of my cervix and its wayward cells. As someone who has been avoiding a PAP for far too long (not recommended), to … READ MORE

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