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    Spring is coming!

    March 13th, 2008     by Elle E.     Comments

    Really. I swear. Under all of this salty snow, a whole world of green is waiting to burst into life. The first sign of the impending thaw is Seedy Saturday - happening this weekend. Before you head over to the Shameless party in the afternoon, pop in to Seedy Saturday to trade your seeds with other gardeners, discover amazing food, get information about green gardening and so much more! Best. Saturday. Ever. Seedy Saturday Toronto Time: 10:00am - 3:00pm Location: … READ MORE

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    Goods 4 Girls: There’s Always Another Way

    March 6th, 2008     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

    About Goods 4 Girls: “You may have seen the commercials… the ones describing how girls in South Africa miss school when they have their period and how buying Tampax tampons will help them. There’s also a commercial for Always pads, with a similar message. … But what are the potential problems with donating disposable feminine hygiene products? … What would be a good alternative to help out these girls but without the environmental impact? … I started Goods 4 … READ MORE

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    Breast Milk Cheese

    February 20th, 2008     by Elle E.     Comments

    I’d wager my winnings from Hot Flash that we’ll all agree this video is creepy. Yes, it has the dreaded “breast-bared-but-nipple-censored” thing going on, but exactly how and why it’s so disturbing may be up for debate. From Treehugger: “This send-up of the new greenwashing trend in advertising will give you a good belly-laugh, if you don’t pause to consider the tragic fact that even human milk is not free from chemical contamination.” First I thought it was … READ MORE

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    If your baseboard heater is already on 11…

    February 1st, 2008     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

    Adria Vasil’s always eco-practical column over at NOW magazine really spoke to me today. As I sit here in my two pairs of socks, two hoodies, long-johns and sweatpants – beside my completely cranked baseboard heater. Most Toronto rentals I’ve been in have baseboard heaters. So, on this chilly snowy day, here are Adria’s tips on how to get your baseboard heaters to work with you, not against you (and your wallet). < blockquote>Q My apartment … READ MORE

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    introducing black.brown.green: a website for anti-racist enviro-ing!

    January 18th, 2008     by Thea Lim     Comments

    If you read this website at all regularly, you’ve probably heard me moan about how marginalised groups fighting for their rights rarely seem to recognise their commonality. Whether it’s feminists having trouble reconciling with anti-racists, or green anarchists distancing themselves from anti-ableism activists, the whole thing gives me the weepies. Wouldn’t things go much faster if we all recognised how ultimately linked all of our causes - like feminism, queer rights, indigenous rights, racial … READ MORE

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    Nothing makes a daring comeback.

    November 22nd, 2007     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

    Tomorrow, Friday November 23rd, is Buy Nothing Day in North America. What that is: “Buy Nothing Day is an informal day of protest against consumerism observed by social activists. In 2007, Buy Nothing Day falls on November 23rd in North America and November 24th internationally. It was founded by Vancouver artist Ted Dave and subsequently promoted by the Canadian Adbusters magazine.” Adbusters themselves explained the motivation for Buy Nothing Day concisely in last year’s bulletin: “Recycling, … READ MORE

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    Snow Cake!

    November 22nd, 2007     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

    As a proud Canadian, I loves me some snow. Loves it, loves it, loves it. When I wake up in the morning, look out the window and see white rooftops, I squeal with delight. Seriously, squeal. Which can be hard on a sleeping partner (who fortunately finds it “charming”). And Toronto didn’t mess around this year, our first snowfall is big and fluffy and pretty and yay! I say boo to the forecasters … READ MORE

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    I got my period, and I’m over the moon

    November 19th, 2007     by Zoe Cormier     Comments

    I got my period this morning, and I’m - pardon the pun - over the moon. Not because I thought I was pregnant (although I am indeed glad not to be pregnant right now). No, my menstrual joy derives from two sources. One: I’m not on the birth control pill right now. I was on the pill until this past winter, and since coming off it, have had very irregular and sparse periods, which is - although … READ MORE

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    Glamorous Environmental Activism, Atwood Style

    November 7th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

    If you are a book geek like me, you’ll know that last night was the long-awaited and highly publicized announcement of the prestigious Giller Prize, awarded at a glitzy black-tie Gala at the Four Seasons Hotel. Elizabeth Hay took home the honors (beating out my pick, Alissa York,) but what is perhaps more interesting is what Canada’s First lady of Literature, Margaret Atwood, brought with her to the gala. From the Toronto Star this morning: …two … READ MORE

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    CONNECT ART Fundraising Event

    November 1st, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

    CONNECT ART Fundraising Event WHEN: Thursday, November 15, 2007 @ the Centre for Social Innovation WHERE: 215 Spadina Avenue, 4th Floor TIME: 6:30 - 9:00 p.m. Women’s Healthy Environments Network (WHEN) in conjunction with the Art Gallery of Ontario Youth Council invites you to attend CONNECT ART: Making the Connection between art and the environment. The event will showcase environmental art by youth, a silent auction and the opportunity for artists and participants to create environmental art. Come and … READ MORE

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    Planet in Focus

    October 25th, 2007     by Elle E.     Comments

    Film Friday isn’t until tomorrow, but a girl has to plan! If you find yourself in Toronto this weekend, head down to the Planet in Focus International Environmental Film and Video festival. The films are a fantastic mix of genre and style that explore a wide range of issues. Festival Director Candida Paltiel suggests that “The festival transcends class, gender and other boundaries because of its broad definition of environment.” It’s so good. Documentary filmmaker, writer and … READ MORE

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    More on early bloomers

    October 4th, 2007     by Zoe Cormier     Comments

    I just wanted to post a quick follow-up to Erin’s previous post about early puberty. The trend towards early puberty is scary and strange. We know that girls with high body fat are more likely to start early, but there are other environmental factors that are clearly at least partially responsible, namely endocrine disruptors. I have done so much research on endocrine disruptors - synthetic chemicals that act like hormones - it came close to making my … READ MORE

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    Helping and hindering

    October 1st, 2007     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

    As I filled up the kitchen sink to wash my dishes, I thought of a question I would like to ask the Shameless peoples – which eco-friendly products have you tried that work and you would recommend to others? And on the flip side, which eco-friendly products would you like to debunk as good ideas in theory which in practice, well, suck? The reason I think of this as I go to wash my dishes … READ MORE

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    No Cameras Allowed - the Bananas are Shy.

    October 1st, 2007     by Elle E.     Comments

    The food system is a juicy topic lately. We’re starting to understand just how ecologically complex our food system has become, but there are political and social issues at play as well. If you’ve ever tried to untangle the mystery behind how our food is sourced, you’ve probably asked yourself questions like, Why is local food sometimes more expensive than imported food? How hard is it for Ontario farmers to get their goods to local … READ MORE

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    Early Bloomers

    September 24th, 2007     by Elle E.     Comments

    Last year I taught acting to children ages 5 - 9, and was amazed at what some of the little divas were wearing: tight tank tops, mesh shawls tied under non-existent breasts, low-rise jeans slipping off their hipless hips. (“Melissa - pull up your pants!”) On the bright side, Ella Gunderson made headlines a couple of years ago when she fought against the limited selection of non-sexy clothes for girls her age. (Naturally, Shameless was … READ MORE

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    Radiant City

    September 21st, 2007     by Elle E.     Comments

    This Monday I went to my Grandmother’s funeral.* During the visitation I was amazed at the number of people who introduced themselves as Gran’s neighbours during the Leave it to Beaver Days of the 1950’s. To any suburbanites reading, how well have you bonded with your neighbours? Will you show up to their funerals in 60 years and tell their grandchildren heart warming stories of your joint antics? I’m close to the age where house-buying will … READ MORE

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    can you be a carnivorous, environmentalist feminist?

    September 19th, 2007     by Thea Lim     Comments

    Have you seen the new PETA ad starring Alicia Silverstone? I don’t know about you, but I find this video just plain weird (especially the part where her nipples are missing). If the video made a connection between Silverstone’s nudity and what she’s saying, I might not find it as strange. But many others, including Bitch Magazine, have called out PETA on their gratuitous use of female bodies to push vegetarianism, even when there is … READ MORE

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    “I am a plastic bag”: Hip girl with clever shot back

    September 18th, 2007     by Zoe Cormier     Comments

    About six weeks ago Thea wrote about the “I am not a plastic bag” fiasco here in England, where a cotton designer bag made in China was marketed as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic shopping bags, much to the chagrin of environmentalists, as the bag was made in pretty rank conditions and then flown here on greenhouse gas spewing planes. I’d like to bring something to your attention: This, my friends, is made of recycled plastic bags. … READ MORE

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    Bike Further, Eat Closer

    August 21st, 2007     by Elle E.     Comments

    If you’re looking for some fun on Vancouver Island this Labour Day weekend, you might want to check out the latest camping-biking-fundraiser from bikefurthereatcloser.com Chelsea Trousdell, a student at Emily Carr, and Marla Temoin, a recent graduate of the University of Victoria are gearing up for an intercontinental quest to raise awareness for climate change. They will ride their bikes 30,000 km - from Victoria, BC to Argentina, around South America, up the East Coast of … READ MORE

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    An Alternative to “I am not a plastic bag?”

    August 7th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

    Hey you, hyper-consumerist, why not let the world know your real motivations?  I posted this one just for you, Thea. … READ MORE

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