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    Two firsts

    January 3rd, 2008     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

    I’ve lived in Toronto essentially all my life. Downtown Toronto for most of my adult life. I’ve had to deal with various incidents over the years, but never, ever, have I felt really and truly unsafe. Until a couple of nights ago. That was first number one. On New Year’s morning my husband and I were coming home from our friend’s party. Taking advantage of the free TTC ride to cross … READ MORE

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    PSA: Guide to free facilities

    December 13th, 2007     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

    Canada lags well behind Europe in terms of public facilities. I heard once that Toronto has a public washroom at Dundas Square, but I think that’s just a rumour. More promise than substance. Sort of like Dundas Square itself… Toronto has no city-owned washrooms except within property already owned by the municipality. That is, unlike other international urban centres, there are no dedicated public washrooms scattered helpfully throughout the city. The … READ MORE

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    Jem and Le Tigre together at last

    November 29th, 2007     by Melinda Mattos     Comments

    As a child of the ’80s and a Kathleen Hanna fan, I was tickled pink to stumble onto this video a few minutes ago. It’s Le Tigre’s “Deceptacon” mashed up with images from the kid’s TV series Jem, and it’s actually quite well done. Showtime, Synergy! … READ MORE

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    I Heart Barry Manilow

    September 19th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

    “(Barry Manilow) declined to appear on The View when producers denied his request that the interview be conducted by anyone but the anti-choice Elizabeth Hasselbeck.” -Feministing.com (And because I also heart Joss Whedon, Angel singing Barry Manilow’s Mandy) … READ MORE

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    September 19th, 2007     by Nicole Cohen     Comments

    Canadians For Choice, a non-profit that works to promote sexual and reproductive rights, is celebrating the upcoming 20th year anniversary of the Morgentaler decision, which decriminalized abortion in Canada. The contest is a way for people to raise their voices around an issue that’s often silenced. Write a piece on why a pro-choice Canada is so important and you could win a trip to Ottawa and an appearance on national TV. If you send a pro-choice … READ MORE

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    Missed you guys

    September 18th, 2007     by Zoe Cormier     Comments

    My sincerest apologies for blogging so little over the past three months. Various work obligations, and the frivolity of summer, have distracted me from all things Shameless for a little bit. But that doesn’t mean Shameless doesn’t still mean the world to me. Much like a dear friend you might go a year without seeing, it doesn’t change how much you love them or how much you connect. I’m happy though to say that there is … READ MORE

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    The National tackles the HPV Vaccine Debate

    September 5th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

    I just watched a great piece on CBC’s The National about the HPV vaccinations that will be offered to girls in Grade 8 across Canada in the coming weeks.  You can watch it online here. … READ MORE

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    Quote of the day

    August 31st, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

    In the spirit of (my girlfriend) Kelly Clarkson: “… I just find it a bit upsetting and kind of insulting that I can’t have any ideas on my own because I’m a female or that people from undeveloped countries can’t have ideas of their own unless it’s backed up by someone who’s blond-haired and blue-eyed. “ -M.I.A on the way that she is portrayed in the US media, via Pitchfork … READ MORE

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    Miss G_ Needs You

    June 7th, 2007     by Nicole Cohen     Comments

    The Miss G__ Project for Equity in Education, a grassroots, young feminist organization working to combat oppression in and through education, is looking for summer interns. Here’s what they need: We are looking for one or two smart, strong, sassy high school students for a six-week, part-time volunteer internship at our Toronto office this summer. In becoming part of the G__ unit for the summer, you will be doing high school outreach programming for the Miss G__ … READ MORE

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    from the department of random

    May 26th, 2007     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

    Not to turn this blog into my personal diary or anything, but I just have to say I’m really excited about how nicely my Sontag is growing in. If you haven’t the slightest of what I’m talking about, The Sontag (a.k.a. Shooting Star) is the streak of grey hair starting at the temple that many women develop, named for writer, critic and feminist Susan Sontag. I started getting grey hair when I was … READ MORE

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    “The town where women are never wrong”

    April 30th, 2007     by Zoe Cormier     Comments

    So in an effort to increase tourism to one of China’s less well-known districts, local officials have announced that in “two years, a ‘female-dominated town’ will be built up here to promote ‘feminine culture.’” What sort of “feminine culture” will the town be promoting, you ask? “Love whip” will be a feature of the scenic spot according to the program. In this area, a “Female Court” composed of “judges” and “captains” will be set up. Male tourists … READ MORE

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    One step back for the US, and one tentative step forward for Mexico

    April 27th, 2007     by Zoe Cormier     Comments

    So the US might be slowly eroding the reproductive rights of women, but across the fence, Mexico City lawmakers have legalized abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. No doubt the story won’t end here - I’m sure the city’s abortion clinics will find themselves besieged by irate protesters, and no doubt the law will be challenged in court. But it’s a start, and an important one. Now women will have access to safe and legal … READ MORE

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    Speaking up

    April 5th, 2007     by Nicole Cohen     Comments

    Our Spring 2007 issue, which will be out in a couple of weeks, features a fantastic story by Liz Springate on the power storytelling holds to resist violence against women. Without giving too much away, the piece tells inspiring tales of small acts women can do to contribute to a culture of resisting violence, the most important of which is sharing stories. I watched one of these moments last night on the news, and was reminded … READ MORE

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    But I don’t think Chapstick makes that flavour.

    March 9th, 2007     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

    If I could tag this entry “random rant”, I’d do it. So let’s pretend that’s what I did. This here is a small rant. About the following: When was the last time you saw an on-screen conflict between a man and a woman which didn’t result in a passionate kiss, or at minimum where it wasn’t implied that the anger was just a thin layer over something more… carnal. Because I haven’t seen that … READ MORE

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    Lynne Segal

    March 4th, 2007     by Allison Martell     Comments

    The Guardian reviews Lynne Segal’s memoir. It’s an interesting read on its own, especially if you’re interested in the history of feminism. … READ MORE

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    Trailblazing feminist Doris Anderson dies

    March 3rd, 2007     by Nicole Cohen     Comments

    I woke up this morning to the sad news that Doris Anderson, who was the editor of Chatelaine mag in its heady feminist days, has died. Among her accomplishments included ensuring women’s politics were on the public agenda through magazine and newspaper articles, helping create the Royal Commission on the Status of Women, running for Parliament and advocating for proportional representation in federal elections (she was recently active with Equal Voice, a multi-partisan group pushing … READ MORE

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    What does it mean to be shameless?

    February 18th, 2007     by Melinda Mattos     Comments

    Hey folks, I’m writing an article for the upcoming issue of Shameless and need YOUR help! So, if you’d be so kind, leave a comment answering the following question: What does it mean to be shameless? The question is open to all – bloggers, other contributors, regular readers, folks who have no idea how they stumbled onto this site, etc. Your answer may be quoted in the magazine! And even if it isn’t, I’d love to read it. Thanks! … READ MORE

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    The Shameless blogging team

    February 17th, 2007     by Wesley Fok     Comments

    test … READ MORE

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    a new take on cultural appropriation

    December 31st, 2006     by Thea Lim     Comments

    We’ve chatted about cultural appropriation a few times on our blog (see here and here!) So when I came across this highlarious video from the British TV show Goodness Gracious Me I was thrilled - it’s an extremely positive example of a way in which the super-complex topic of cultural appropriation can be attacked with humour instead of, you know, crying. Happy New Year! … READ MORE

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    violent times

    December 5th, 2006     by Nicole Cohen     Comments

    It seems like this year has been a particularly violent one for women in Canada – violent in the public sense, at least. From Stephen Harper’s recent slashing of funding and closing of offices at Status of Women Canada to Peter McKay’s public denigrating of Belinda Stronach (and the ensuing women-hating remarks from the likes of Norman Spector) to the ongoing disappearance of Aboriginal women. At my university, there has been a string of sexual … READ MORE

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