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    love takes the worry out of being close: public assemblies in bed with queers

    March 22nd, 2013     by Julia Horel     Comments

    Reena Katz’s love takes the worry out of being close: public assemblies in bed with queers converts Harbourfront’s Studio Theatre into a free, public hotel suite. Bed-Ins: April 9 - 12, 9am - 9pm - FREE Final Presentation and Discussion: April 13, 8pm - 10pm - $10/$12 Harbourfront Studio Theatre, York Quay Centre, Main Floor HATCH opens its 2013 Season with sound and performance artist Reena Katz’s fabulous reimagining of Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s iconic Bed-in for Peace. … READ MORE

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    The Contemporary Urgencies of Audre Lorde’s Legacy

    March 3rd, 2013     by Jennifer Marston     Comments

    This coming Thursday will launch a two-week long celebration of poet and activist Audre Lorde. There are free events happening across Toronto and at both York University and The University of Toronto. Check out the list of events below. Community Arts Practice, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University in association with Women and Gender Studies, University of Toronto Invite you to THE CONTEMPORARY URGENCIES OF AUDRE LORDE’S LEGACY, MARCH 7-21, 2013 1) Medicines for Survival: Indigenous Knowledge and … READ MORE

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    Call for Volunteers: Dyke March Toronto 2013

    February 20th, 2013     by Julia Horel     Comments

    CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS TORONTO DYKE MARCH The Toronto Dyke March is ramping up for 2013 and we need your help! We are seeking a diversity of lesbian, bi and queer women as well as dyke-identified trans and 2-Spirit people who would like to help organise this year’s Dyke March and affiliated events, including parties, panels, political actions, and community art projects. We need both experienced members and those seeking to develop new skills. We need help with event coordination, … READ MORE

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    Calling all trans, gender queer, two spirit, gender variant, and questioning youth!

    February 11th, 2013     by Sheila Sampath     Comments

    Tired of how poorly we are represented in the media? Fed up with being measured against beauty standards that don’t celebrate you? Tired of comic books that fail to represent you? Tired of stories about trans people written by cis folks? Want to read stories you can relate to? ……..well…… Why not write those stories and make that media? Super Trans Powers is an upcoming workshop series offered by Supporting Our Youth and ArtReach Toronto at the Sherbourne Health Centre, … READ MORE

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    Proposed Russian Law Will Ban “Gay Propaganda”

    January 30th, 2013     by Anne Thériault     Comments

    On January 25th, Russia’s parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of drafting a law that would ban “gay propaganda.” In fact, of the 389 members of the State Duma (Russia’s lower parliament chamber), 388 supported the law. The proposed ban would have far-reaching consequences that range from removing queer characters from movies and television shows to making gay pride parades, and any other demonstrations supporting or celebrating gay rights, illegal. The law would also make it illegal … READ MORE

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    Workshop series: Family Matters

    January 30th, 2013     by Julia Horel     Comments

    Between 16 and 29 years old? 2SLGBTQQ (two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, or questioning)? Interested in talking and making art about families? LET’S SHARE OUR STORIES AND OUR STRENGTH! Apply to be a part of FAMILY MATTERS - a FREE arts-based workshop series for 2SLGBTQQ youth! FAMILY MATTERS is a 12-week workshop series for 2SLGBTQQ youth where we will explore the families we have, the families we want, and the families we are building. Some of the reflections, ideas, … READ MORE

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    MyMSG: We all need positive messages

    January 29th, 2013     by Guest Blogger     Comments

    by Afi Browne For the past 10 months I have been working with Springtide Resources, an agency committed to ending violence against women and everyone who faces oppression, such as queer and trans people, people with disabilities, Deaf people, immigrants and refugees. Along with four other youth and our project coordinator we have been creating curriculum around our own experiences of oppression and using that curriculum to encourage youth to create positive messages to counteract the … READ MORE

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    Recommended Reading: In Transition (Ryerson Review of Journalism)

    January 7th, 2013     by Julia Horel     Comments

    When even Canada’s top LGBT publication struggles to find the right words, will journalists ever accurately reflect the complexities within the trans community? The Ryerson Review of Journalism has a piece up about Elisha Lim, friend of Shameless, and their struggle to have their preferred pronouns used in queer media: “There was this one moment where I said I prefer the pronoun ‘they,’” Lim says. “It was kind of my shaky first attempt so I wasn’t too … READ MORE

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    Coming Out Wrong with Jesse Dangerously

    December 5th, 2012     by Anne Thériault     Comments

    Halifax rap legend Jesse Dangerously is known for using his music to combat sexism, racism, fat-phobia, homophobia, and a whole lot of other toxic stuff that we encounter in our day to day lives. Dangerously, who is now based out of Ottawa, recently released a song called Coming Out Wrong on the Fun Razor Mix Tape (a collaborative album put together by artists participating in and raising funds for the NOFRIENDS tour). Coming Out Wrong, which … READ MORE

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    Guest post: LGBTQ youth homelessness: A growing problem in Toronto

    November 28th, 2012     by Guest Blogger     Comments

    By I. Alex Abramovich Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) youth are overrepresented in the homeless youth population. Approximately 12 years ago, it was estimated that 25-40% of homeless youth identified as LGBTQ, but we do not have enough research in Canada to know how much that estimate has changed. In Canada, we have extensive research on youth homelessness; however, little is known about the phenomenon of LGBTQ youth homelessness. What we do know, … READ MORE

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    The Comfort of Queer Family Wisdom

    November 20th, 2012     by Elisha Lim     Comments

    I think that last year was one of my most humbling years. I’d become used to a certain level of respect and dignity, and when I lost it, I was kind of floored. I left my home of Toronto. Toronto - where I had been part of the majority. I was an immigrants’ kid, I was university educated, I knew lots of activist jargon and where to shop for shoes. But last year I moved to … READ MORE

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    Check out: What I LOVE about being QUEER

    November 14th, 2012     by Naz Afsahi     Comments

    Toronto-based Vivek Shraya is a musician, performer, filmmaker and writer. He was nominated for LGBTQ Person of the Year at the 2012 INSPIRE Awards. His newest short film, What I LOVE about being QUEER, is a minimalist endeavour revolving around the title’s big question posed to 34 individuals. The film, which debuted in June in Toronto, is 18 minutes in length, and has screened at various Queer Film Festivals and universities across Canada, with more … READ MORE

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    Interview: 2qtpoc-montreal show

    September 4th, 2012     by deb singh     Comments

    Hey Shameless Blog Readers, Having sadly been unable to attend the awesome 2qtpoc-montreal Show for the city’s Pervers/cite, I did get the opportunity to connect with one of the amazing artists from the show, Textaqueen. Their website reads: “Texta” is Australian for felt-tip marker and TextaQueen is Australia’s felt-tip super-hero. Renowned for use of the humble felt-tip marker to boldly re-interpret the tradition of the salon nude, TextaQueen explores politics of sex, gender and identity in tangent … READ MORE

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    2-qtpocmontreal: a look ahead

    August 17th, 2012     by Guest Blogger     Comments

    I have heard it so many times in the past few months: we love Montreal. We love the community, the endless cultures of resistance, and the freedom and joy the city gives us. But over and over again, I hear, it feels so hard to stay here. For all it gives them, Montreal also exposes its 2-qtpoc folks (two-spirited, queer, and trans people of colour) to surprisingly overt, harsh, and exhausting racism. People talk about 2-qtpoc … READ MORE

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    Event/Preview: 2-qtpocmontreal art show at this year’s Pervers/cite

    August 7th, 2012     by deb singh     Comments

    This month, I had the honour to be invited to connect with 2-qtpoc (Two spirited, queer, trans, people of colour) Montreal artists to talk about their work at the 2-qtpocmontreal art show at this year’s Pervers/cite. It was also my pleasure to interview Textaqueen, an awesome artist who shared some of their passion for art as well as for working within their own communities of 2-spirited, queer/trans people of colour. So what is Pervers/Cite? Their website states: Pervers/Cite … READ MORE

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    Rainbow Camp: for LGBTQ and Allied Youth 13-17 in Thessalon, Ontario

    July 11th, 2012     by Julia Horel     Comments

    Join us for our first Rainbow Camp! This is a unique opportunity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer questioning, and allied (LGBTQA) youth and/or members of Queer families. We are committed to developing a camp community which honours creativity, individual choice, and social justice. Rainbow Camp will provide opportunities for campers to make new friends and develop skills through traditional camp programming. More than anything, Rainbow Cam is a fun place to come OUT and be yourself! Our Camp … READ MORE

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    VANCOUVER call for auditions: One in Every Crowd

    April 5th, 2012     by Julia Horel     Comments

    Please note the deadline has changed to April 28, 2012. Attention all queer and trans youth ages 14 to 20 years old: Award winning writer and storyteller Ivan Coyote has a new book coming out, and this one is FOR YOU. One in Every Crowd is a collection of short short stories collected from over fifteen years of Coyote’s work, along with a bunch of brand new never been in print stuff too, designed to help LGBT … READ MORE

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    Sins Invalid: ‘An unshamed claim to beauty in the face of invisibility’

    February 29th, 2012     by Julia Horel     Comments

    New College Speaker Series 2012, in collaboration with the Art Gallery of Ontario & The School of Disability Studies at Ryerson University, presents: Performance excerpts from Sins Invalid ‘An unshamed claim to beauty in the face of invisibility’ Featuring performances by: Alex Cafarelli, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Maria Palacios and Leroy Moore Saturday March 17 2012 - 7pm Art Gallery of Ontario, Weston Family Learning Centre 317 Dundas St. West Toronto, ON Beverly Street Entrance Facebook event link here. FREE admission ASL interpretation Wheelchair accessible Attendant care Sponsored by: … READ MORE

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    Toronto Event: Queering Black History Month

    February 21st, 2012     by Julia Horel     Comments

    QUEERING BLACK HISTORY MONTH DATE: Wednesday, February 29 - 5:30pm until 8:30pm PLACE: Ryerson Students’ Union Centre at 55 Gould St (Church St. and Gould St., Toronto). Room: SCC 115 Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/130358727029879/ Queering Black History Month is back for its second year! Please join the Ryerson community as we celebrate Queer and Trans African, Black, and Caribbean people in Canada. On Wednesday, February 29th, 2012, we will continue to honour and re-insert the lives, experiences and amazing achievements of … READ MORE

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    Recommended Reading: The Shit Girls Say meme: friendly prejudice, but prejudice all the same

    January 17th, 2012     by Julia Horel     Comments

    We have lots of thoughts about the “Shit Girls Say” meme (unfunny) and about the “Shit X Says to Y” meme (in many cases, poignant). We’d like to refer you to Thea Lim’s piece at the Guardian for some reading: What’s friendly prejudice? The most common defence of racism is: “But I didn’t intend to be racist.” This response relies on the idea that if we didn’t intend to offend someone, then their feelings can’t possibly … READ MORE

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