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    The Gut

    January 20th, 2021     by Camille Côté     Comments

    Camille Côté shares her experiences through creative non-fiction about looking back on the importance of listening to your body. In the midst of an unhealthy relationship, intense family changes and illness, and just trying to get through the day as a young person and comedian in her early 20’s, Camille struggled with the dissonance of trying to ignore her gut and how important it is to listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Content warning for mentions of drug use. READ MORE

  • Blog Series

    Dear Teen Erin

    May 8th, 2014     by Erin McPhee     Comments

    I remember so well the cringe-worthy, mixed-up feelings of being a teenager. Like how you could be so confident and outspoken one moment, and the next feel completely alone and terrified that your friends and peers don’t like you. READ MORE