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Since 2004, Shameless magazine has been a fresh alternative to typical teen media. Shameless is a magazine for young women and trans youth who want more from life than makeup and diet tips. From day one, Shameless has been publishing on 100% pure volunteer power. But to keep publishing this independent magazine, full of the smart, sassy content so many have come know and love, we need your help.

Shameless has no corporate backers and we want to keep it that way. As an independent magazine, Shameless has the freedom to fulfill our mandate of creating content that empowers youth to be curious, to be brave, to think critically and creatively and to trust themselves. Shameless fills an important niche in media for today’s young people.

With your help we can make Shameless sustainable. For a small monthly donation (and we mean small! The price of one fancy coffee or one trip to the movies!), you will receive an ongoing subscription to Shameless and free entry to all of our events. More importantly, you will be an integral part of ensuring that Shameless continues to bring a much-needed voice to young women and trans youth across Canada.

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Meet Our Members

  • “Shameless is a lifeline for feminist, queer, and socially conscious teens. It’s an accessible and down-to-earth – never condescending – magazine, and network, of likeminded individuals interested in making the lives of teens better. Shameless is utterly indispensable.”

    – Suzanne Sutherland, Toronto, ON

    Suzanne Sutherland is a writer for kids and teens and works as an editorial assistant for Groundwood Books. Her first book, a young-adult novel called When We Were Good, was published in 2013 by Sumach Press. Her second book, Something Wiki, is forthcoming from Dundurn Press at the end of the 2014.

  • “You know those conversations about feminism you wish someone would talk about? Shameless talks about them. It’s a whole collective asking the right questions to the right people, illuminating so many necessary points of view, perpetuating so many necessary discussions. Why am I a Hall of Shameless member? Because as a woman, citizen and natural-born contrarian it is my shameless duty to help keep these conversations going. Plus, their events rule and you should totally check them out.”

    – Julia De Laurentiis Johnson, Toronto, ON

    Julia De Laurentiis Johnson is an Editorial Assistant and contributor for Maclean’s; former fact-checker, writer and events coordinator for Shameless magazine.