Issue 2: Fall 2004

The Virginity issue

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  • Saint or Slut? Debunking the myths and stereotypes about virginity. By ELLEN KATE FRIEDRICHS
  • Loud and Proud Shameless meets Margaret Cho By ANDREA CHIU
  • Trouble at Work Stand up for yourself without putting your job on the line By CHRISTINE HART
  • Quick Reads

  • Letters
  • News Flash Spain for gender equality
  • She’s Shameless Naomi Lang By Erin Hamayda
  • Woman on the Job Stuntwoman
  • The In-Group Youth Art Project
  • Shameless Talks

  • Body Politics It ain’t so scary down there By Dr. Anne Katz
  • Advice Corporate culture got you down?
  • Stir it Up Burger backlash
  • Departments

  • Show + Tell
  • Geek Chic Charting Canada’s confusing copyright laws
  • DIY Papermaking on the cheap
  • Sporting Goods Breaking it down By Lisa Weaver
  • Arts Almost Famous By Noah Love
  • Reviews
  • The Last Word Vagina
  • Etcetera

  • Comic Poverty High
  • Links from this issue

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