Issue 5: Fall 2005

Redesigning Women

Sold Out


  • Making the Cut Forget boob jobs and Botox. These days, the pressure to be perfect is hitting many women below the belt By ZOE CORMIER
  • Being Marilyn Playing dress-up for a living might sound like fun, but as Dallas Curow discovers, working as an impersonator can really mess with your head By DALLAS CUROW
  • Potty Politics Why did McGill students seeking “the right to pee and shit in peace” have such a hard time finding relief?  By ANNA LEVENTHAL
  • Quick Reads

  • Letters
  • News Flash Head of the class
  • Activist Report Shalom-Salam
  • She’s Shameless
  • Woman on the Job Veterinarian
  • The In-Group Sketch
  • Shameless Talks

  • Making Her Mark Trey Anthony
  • Advice How do I tell my folks I’m queer?
  • Body Politics It’s time for Plan B
  • And in This Corner… Feelin’ plucky?
  • Departments

  • Show + Tell
  • Geek Chic 20-minute web tutorial
  • Sporting Goods Catching a Wave By Jennifer Besner
  • DIY Record Bowls By Amanda Rataj
  • Arts Maggie MacDonald, Mary Harron
  • Reviews
  • The Last Word Rule of thumb
  • Etcetera

  • Comic Poverty High

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