Issue 8: Fall 2006

The Miss G__ Project

Sold Out


  • Ruling Class If the Miss G__ Project for Equity in Education gets its way, high school as we know it will be radically transformed By NICOLE COHEN
  • One-Woman Revolushun For dub poet d’bi.young, changing the world demands a whole new vocabulary By PIKE WRIGHT
  • Last Song Shameless pays tribute to recently retired queens of rock ’n’ roll Sleater-Kinney. By ZOE WHITTALL
  • Quick Reads

  • Letters
  • News Flash The power of prevention
  • The In-Group Jessie’s Centre for Teenagers
  • Activist Report Hunting for change
  • She’s Shameless
  • Woman on the Job University president
  • Departments

  • Get-Up Swap till you drop
  • Geek Chic Wiki world
  • Arts Stickin’ to her guns By Anna Leventhal
  • DIY In the loop
  • Sporting Goods Rock the house
  • Reviews
  • The Last Word Chick
  • Etcetera

  • Comic Poverty High
  • Columns

  • Body Politics Preventing HPV By Dr. Anne Katz
  • Advice Acne is ruining my life!
  • Stir it Up Going bananas
  • And in This Corner… The fashionable feminist?

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