Issue 12: Fall 2008

Unhappy Campers

Sold Out


  • What I Didn’t Learn at Camp How camp gets Native culture wrong By MONIQUE WOOLNOUGH
  • Build Your Own Career Why more women are choosing the trades By KATE TAYLOR
  • Between Borders An immigrant’s story By PALOMA AND SAINTSIERRA LEONTY
  • Quiz: What Kind of Feminist Are You? By Team Shameless
  • Quick Reads

  • Letters
  • Newsflash Not much choice in Mexico City; pink stink
  • Activist Report Why are some women not safe at work?
  • Five Shameless things to do
  • On the Job Naturopathic medicine
  • I’m Shameless Introducing a cool Shameless reader
  • Columns and Departments

  • Body Politics Get rid of your urinary tract infection
  • For the Record Not a guy’s guy
  • Media Savvy Hollywood’s Square: A peek behind the Hollywood curtain By Nicole Cohen
  • And in This Corner… Writing through trauma: Writing through trauma By Dianah Smith
  • Sporting Goods Think you’re a female athlete? Prove it
  • Arts and Culture

  • Playlist Big City Small World‘s Garvia Bailey
  • Show & Tell The Parkdale Street Writers Boot Camp
  • Get-Up Sometimes a scarf is more than just an accessory
  • Geek Chic Mothers of Invention: Five great women inventors By Jayme Poisson
  • Best of the Blog Craving Catwoman; razor burn
  • Stir it Up Getting to the bottom of your cup of coffee
  • DIY Build a campfire
  • Reviews Books, magazines, music, web
  • Counterculture Classics The funny women of Wisecracks
  • The Last Word Girl By Melinda Mattos

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