Issue 24: Fall 2013

A League of Our Own

Sold Out


  • A League of Our Own How to start your own sports team By Rachel Baker
  • Girls on Board Skateboarding and empowerment By Skittlez Gunn
  • Uneven Playing Fields Inequality in the big business of sports By Meg Pirie
  • Quick Reads

  • Contributors
  • Letters
  • Newsflash Girls’ sports in Saudi Arabia, Nike gets gay endorser
  • Activist Report Accessible sailing
  • Five Shameless things to do
  • On the Job Kimberly Hadley is out to play
  • She’s Shameless Introducing a cool Shameless reader
  • Columns and Departments

  • Advice What happens when my ex shows up?
  • Body Politics Strong is the new skinny
  • Beyond the Books Racist mascots have got to go
  • Media Savvy Sizing up female athletes
  • Green Scene Greasing your bike gears
  • Sporting Goods There’s nothing to it: vogue
  • Arts and Culture

  • DIY Finding a sport that fits
  • Best of the Blog What we’re saying online
  • Arts Profile JJ Ina Steeve stickers up the city
  • Stir it Up The ethical snags of healthy eating
  • Recipe Roasted chickpea, miso and purple cabbage salad
  • Get-Up Working out your work clothes
  • Geek Chic Online fantasy sports
  • Reviews Books, music, zines, websites
  • Counterculture Classic Love and Basketball
  • Comic By Coco Riot

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