Issue 40: Fall 2019

Special Edition: Youth Issue!

Sold Out
  • We Give Consent By Abby Plener
  • My Hair is Long, but Long is Relative By Tessa Hill
  • On Race and Feminism By Deb Singh
  • “Know-it-All”: The Reputations of “Intense” Girls of Colour By Amalia Acharya
  • Riots Not Diets By Cee Lavery
  • Feed Your Future By S. Freedman-Lawson
  • Illusions of Equality By Dainty Smith
  • The Rocky Road to Representation By Alexx Bryant
  • A Letter to Stephon Clark’s Family By Nisa Dang
  • A letter to Jakelin Caal Maquin’s Family By Isabel Blackstock
  • Tap In By Miranda Whist
  • The Politics of Fucking Up By Harmeet Rehal

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