Issue 3: Spring 2005

Life After High School

Sold Out


  • Severn Saves the World Meet Severn Cullis-Suzuki, activist extraordinaire By JES MARKOFF
  • Surviving First Year How to stay sane and find support on campus By KATHRYN BOREL
  • Your other options From carpentry to clown college, choose your own adventure By MICHELLE BALABAN
  • Skirting the issues In global politics, when and why do women get noticed? By NICOLE COHEN
  • Quick Reads

  • Letters
  • News Flash Japan unveils its museum of garbage
  • Activist Report Medina Project
  • She’s Shameless
  • The In-Group Parkdale Food Front By Sandy Watters
  • Woman on the Job Architect/Project Manager
  • Shameless Talks

  • Body Politics Goin’ to the gyno
  • Advice My parents are spying on me!
  • Stir it Up The trouble with GMOs
  • Departments

  • Show + Tell
  • Geek Chic Interactivism By Luke Doucette
  • Sporting Goods The dirt on rugby
  • DIY T-shirt underwear
  • Arts Shary Boyle, Tara Chase
  • Reviews
  • The Last Word Married names
  • Etcetera

  • Comic Poverty High

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