Issue 23: Spring 2013

Law and Disorder

Sold Out


  • Inside the Prison Industrial Complex An activist’s first-hand experience in an Ontario prison By Mandy Hiscocks
  • Stuck with the Bill The legislative process shapes our lives. How to have our voices heard By Denise Deby
  • Restorative Justice Community-based justice and healing By Andrea Macnevin
  • Quick Reads

  • Contributors
  • Letters
  • Newsflash Gender in children’s media, Tomboy Tailors
  • Activist Report The Prisoner Correspondence Project
  • Five Shameless things to do
  • On the Job Jamaias Da Costa, radio producer
  • She’s Shameless Introducing a cool Shameless reader
  • Columns and Departments

  • Advice How do I deal with a crush?
  • Body Politics Being in control of your pregnancy
  • Beyond the Books Understanding the wampum belt
  • Media Savvy Racist faces in pop culture
  • Green Scene Idle No More and environmental justice
  • Sporting Goods Gender and co-ed teams
  • Arts and Culture

  • DIY Finding your provincial advocate
  • Best of the Blog What we’re saying online
  • Arts Profile Rae Spoon and Ivan Coyote
  • Stir it Up Food security
  • Recipe Gai Lan Fried Rice
  • Get-Up Ignore the fashion police
  • Geek Chic Who are Anonymous?
  • Reviews Books, music, zines, websites
  • Counterculture Classic Salt-N-Pepa
  • Comic By Coco Riot

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