Issue 4: Summer 2005

The Comics issue

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  • An interview with Devin Grayson An interview with the renowned DC Comics writer on Batman, fandom and the writing process.  By SHANE DINGMAN
  • Wonder Women Meet five real-life superheroes who are kicking comic ass one panel at a time By SHANE DINGMAN, A.M. ROBERTSON, LISA WEAVER, AND LEA ZELTSERMAN
  • Broads on Boards Rolling with the Skirtboarders, Montreal’s feisty all-female skate crew By ANNA LEVENTHAL
  • Frontier Living Imagine travelling hundreds of kilometres to attend high school because your community isn’t big enough to have its own. For some Manitoba students, this is life By S. TRACY JENNISSEN
  • Quick Reads

  • Letters
  • News Flash Votes for everyone
  • Activist Report Mirlande Demers
  • She’s Shameless
  • The In-Group War Child Canada
  • Woman on the Job Firefighter
  • Shameless Talks

  • And in This Corner… The Hot Fat Girl Manifesto By Zoe Whittall
  • Advice We’ve drifted apart — now what?
  • Stir it Up Meet your meat options
  • Body Politics Birth control’s shady past
  • Departments

  • Show + Tell
  • Geek Chic Get your game on
  • Sporting Goods Fancy footwork By Tori Allen
  • DIY Bike tune-up
  • Arts Lesbians on Ecstasy, Katie Crown, DJ school
  • Reviews
  • The Last Word Gay
  • Etcetera

  • Comic Poverty High

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