• Issue 46

    The Play Issue

    Overcome toxic positivity! Practical radical imagination! Awaken your inner child!

    The illustration for Stir it Up was incorrectly credited. The artist’s name is Joy Li.

  • Issue 45

    The Movement-Building Issue

    Share leadership! Campaign for change! Fight for food justice!

  • Issue 44

    The Radical Caring Issue

    (back in stock soon!)

    Connect with movements! Build support networks! Show care with food!

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  • Issue 43

    The Families Issue

    (back in stock soon!)

    Connect to your roots! Choose your family! Explore free play!

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  • Issue 42

    The Performance Issue

    (back in stock soon!)

    Learn to DJ! Overcome stage fright! Make Trinidadian doubles!

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  • Issue 41

    The Futures Issue

    (back in stock soon!)

    Honour your past! Create your future! Decolonize tomorrow!

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  • Issue 40

    Special Edition: Youth Issue!

    (back in stock soon!)

    15th anniversary retrospective by members of the Shameless youth advisory board

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  • Issue 39

    The Borders and Boundaries Issue

    (back in stock soon!)

    Set boundaries and dismantle borders

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  • Issue 38

    The New Media Issue

    (back in stock soon!)

    Demand accountability!! Build your platform! Stay connected!

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  • Issue 37

    The Do It Yourself, Do It Together Revolution Issue

    (back in stock soon!)

    Form an activist collective! Practice healthy consent! Wheat paste a poster!

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  • Issue 36

    The Transformations Issue

    (back in stock soon!)

    Heal for the revolution! Write your own story! Be your best self!

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  • Issue 35

    The Mental Health Issue

    (back in stock soon!)

    Take control of your story! Practice radical self-care! Find your community of support!

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  • Issue 34

    The Politics Issue

    (back in stock soon!)

    Decolonize, mobilize, organize

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  • Issue 33

    The Independence Survival Guide

    Stand out from the crowd and find your own way

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  • Issue 32

    The Music Issue

    Making your own space in sound

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  • Issue 31

    The Alternative Beauty Issue

    Bust Beauty Myths and Be Your Own Beautiful

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  • Issue 30

    The Sex Issue

    Agency, Choice & Consent: Talk about sex (almost) anywhere! Decolonize gender! Understand pleasure!

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  • Issue 29

    The Environmental Justice Issue

    Reuse, recycle and renew your commitment to our planet: Build Your Own Rain Barrel! Confront Environmental Racism! Tweet for Change!

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  • Issue 28

    The Food Issue

    Decode your groceries and shop smart! Respect the roots of food! Ditch the diet, eat radically!

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  • Issue 27

    The Tech Issue

    Be an online activist, delve into Afrofuturism, don’t just play games, make them, #hashtageverything

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  • Issue 26

    The Fashion Issue

    Meet the Wornettes, politicize your style, unravel colonial fashion myths, craft your own skin care.

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  • Issue 25

    Love & Relationships

    Be your own best friend, choose your family, craft a scrapbook

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  • Issue 24

    A League of Our Own

    Build your best bike, strike a pose and vogue, rid the world of racist mascots, put the subversive back into skateboarding.

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  • Issue 23

    Law and Disorder

    Know the law and change it; Restore justice; Meet Rae Spoon and Ivan Coyote; Get confident with crushes; Fight the fashion police.

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  • Issue 22

    Get Schooled

    Study up on Aboriginal education, mobilize with CLASSE, light a fire with Mariko Tamaki, dance your style, become a sewing success.

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  • Issue 21

    Take Care

    Meet the Fat Nutritionist, try out sports tryouts, make your own medical decisions, and find out what’s in your makeup.

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  • Issue 20

    Money matters

    Find your fitness, eat cheap, tasty and healthy food, track down your internet searches, tour the world with Abstract Random

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  • Issue 19

    Youth at work!

    Strength in unions, the great intern debate, and support for sex workers.

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  • Issue 18

    Let’s get political!

    Hear Indigenous voices, spring some sprouts, and in DIY: make a bookbag.

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  • Issue 17

    Say What? Own Your Words

    Break out the Bollywood burlesque, learn the history of facial piercings, DIY: Start your own book club, get real about reality TV, and strut your stud.

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