• Issue 16

    Rock ‘n’ Riot: What happens when pop becomes political

    Be happy with Maylee Todd, dive for your dinner, get to the bottom of sexting scandals, and DIY: binding your breasts.

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  • Issue 15

    It’s better on a bike!

    Also inside: Race & feminism, paths to university and kitchen disasters.

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  • Issue 14

    Beyond the Birds and the Bees

    Does Sex Ed teach us what we really need to know? Also: Sook-Yin Lee gets direct, the scoop on sororities, and becoming a feminist man.

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  • Issue 13

    The DIY Issue

    What you need to know before volunteering abroad and excerpts from She’s Shameless!

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  • Issue 12

    Unhappy Campers

    Kate Bornstein, how to build a bonfire, get inventive.

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  • Issue 11

    Shaping up: size activism takes on fashion

    How to get published, pay for school, and bind your own books.

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  • Issue 10

    Gimme Shelter

    Ditch your period?, dress up your MP3 player, rodeo girls and more.

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  • Issue 9

    Breaking the Silence on Violence

    Ditch your padded bra, grow your own food, Hannah Sung, Lisa Heggum and more.

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  • Issue 8

    The Miss G__ Project

    A tribute to Sleater-Kinney, dub poet d?bi.young, Sarah Polley on fame, politics and directing, and more.

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  • Issue 7

    Girls in the ring

    Author Emily Pohl-Weary plays detective, how to start your own podcast, save a book: five feminist classics and more.

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  • Issue 6

    Graffiti: Vandalism or art?

    Do the prom your way, a girl’s guide to money, Emily Haines makes a mix tape and more.

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  • Issue 5

    Redesigning Women

    Make groovy record bowls, get kinky with Trey Anthony, Maggie MacDonald, Mary Harron, Cougar Party and more.

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  • Issue 4

    The Comics issue

    Mariko Tamaki, Zoe Whittall, skate like a lady, be your own bike mechanic, become a DJ from scratch and more.

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  • Issue 3

    Life After High School

    Get over the gyno, turn a t-shirt into undies, Severn Cullis-Suzuki, Shary Boyle.

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  • Issue 2

    The Virginity issue

    Margaret Cho, Magneta Lane, Workplace Rights, Allyson Mitchell, DIY Papermaking and more.

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  • Issue 1

    The Premiere issue

    Mae Martin and Sabrina Jalees, Sook-Yin Lee, DIY Silkscreening, Community Radio and more.

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