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    I am not sure “Happy International Women’s Day” is the right phrase

    March 8th, 2013     by Jenna MacKay     Comments

    Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed International Women’s Day is a hot topic. This makes sense because most of my friends and individuals/groups I follow are feminist. A number of posts state “Happy International Women’s Day” or comment that today is a day for women and girls to feel special. And it is true. Today is a day for celebration. It is important to celebrate our survival and accomplishments and we deserve to feel special. However… READ MORE

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    Global outrage, Local “meh?”

    February 8th, 2013     by Jenna MacKay     Comments

    While I home for the holidays I watched the 6 O’clock news with my mom. The local station highlighted the Indian protests against violence against women in response to the woman who was gang raped and beaten. A young protester was interviewed and stated the rates of sexual assault in India. I cannot remember the statistic, but it would have been alarming to the average viewer and was framed in sensationalized terms. … READ MORE