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Faith Erin Hicks totally rules!

June 2nd, 2008     by Tiina Johns     Comments

I am so pumped about women and comics lately. Not only are there some amazing ladies making comics, there are amazing ladies who make funny, cute, smart comics, live in my town, and are totally cool people in real life! Well, there’s one anyway. Faith Erin Hicks is an awesome cartoonist who happens to live in Halifax.

Faith Erin Hicks

Faith is best know for her book Zombies Calling, which came out last year and was released by SLG publishing. The book follows a young woman, Joss, and her pals as their seemingly ordinary Canadian university is attacked by zombies. Joss, a movie fan and postmodern gal, realizes she can survive by following “the rules” of zombie movies. For example, when she decides to fight back against the undead attackers, she suddenly gains awesome ninja skills and is stronger than the Hulk.

My favourite part about Zombies Calling is that it’s not just about fighting against zombies, it also fights against the expense of post-secondary education in Canada! When Joss’ friend asks her why she doesn’t seem afraid of zombies, Joss answers that she’s way more scared of her student loan than having her brain eaten. Too true, friend.

The story also touches on some complicated issues of sexuality (like, being a virgin over the age of twenty), without getting too heavy.

The art is adorable, and Faith perfectly renders her nerdy but cute protagonist. Also, could these zombies look any more awesome? Nope!

Even before Zombies Calling came out, Faith was totally inter-famous for her web comic, Demonology 101. This Buffy-esque story follows a teenage girl demon, who is being raised by a human family.

Faith is set for comic superstardom with her new book, War At Ellesmere, coming out sometime next year. It’s a story about a nerdy girl who’s attending a prestigious prep school, with the help of a scholarship. She has to deal with some snobby and chronically mean rich kids.

Faith’s female characters are smart, funny and cool, but also flawed and complicated. Put these awesome ladies in a supernatural setting, and it’s a recipe for all I could ever ask for in a comic book.

I’ve met Faith through comic stuff in Halifax, and she is totally rad. She’s super encouraging of other artists and writers, and she takes the time to chat with just about anyone about comics. Zombies Calling was recently nominated for a Joe Shuster Award (the Canadian comic creator award), and seriously, no one deserves it more! Yay Faith!

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