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Free Comic Book Day! May 2nd! Hooray!

April 28th, 2009     by Tiina Johns     Comments

It’s here! The best holiday of the spring! Easter? Nah! Passover? Fuggedaboudit! It’s Free Comic Book Day! Okay, maybe it’s not an official holiday, but it should be!

Every year, on the first Saturday in May, retailers around the world give away free comic books.

Free Comic Book Day is a great way for new readers to gingerly step into the world of comics, or for comic fans to try something new, with no pressure.

In Halifax, it’s an awesome community event hosted by the shop I work at, Strange Adventures. We have artists doing sketches, Superheros hanging around signing autographs, magic shows and thousands of comics to give away. It’s all FREE FREE FREE.

I interviewed my boss, Calum Johnston, owner of Strange Adventures, about why he thinks Free Comic Book Day is important.

To find a participating retailer in your area, check out the Free Comic Book Day store locater. So bring along everyone your know, and get yourself something for free, because that ain’t happening anywhere else in THIS ECONOMY. Wackity smackity dooo.

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