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Spring Gardening

April 27th, 2009     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

Newspaper Pots Little House in the Suburbs

If you live anywhere along the border like most Canadians, the idea of having to bring in your planters at night so your Petunias don’t freeze to death will be somewhat foreign. Our friends in Vancouver are celebrating spring under the cherry blossoms and Toronto seems to be at a nice 25C right now. But up here in Prince George it’s still chilly during the day and dipping below freezing at night, which means our growing season is a little short.

Often gardeners here start their seed a few months in advance, inside, under the pale light of fake sun. Gardening helpers, like these Newspaper Seedling Pots or Newspaper Seedling Packs from Little House in the Suburbs are a handy and waste-reducing way to get your garden a-growin’ before the ice has even left your flower beds. Even if you just want to plant some basil in your windowsill to dress up some summer pastas, these might be a cheap (and environmental) alternative to those kits at the grocery store. All you’ll have to do is thicken up the newspaper and make sure you put it on a plate or on a yoghurt lid and in some sunshine.

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