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  • Blog Series

    Anxiety & Technology

    March 14th, 2019     by Alexandra Few     Comments

    Content Warning: Technological ways to deal with Anxiety If you’re dealing with an anxiety disorder, you know first hand what it’s like trying to live your best life, while simultaneously having that heart racing, nauseating, “get me out of my own head” feeling that loves to attach to you like a permanent backpack. I know those feelings all too well, and for me, my anxiety will always be there. However, over the years I have figured … READ MORE

  • Blog Series

    Listen Here! Artist Profile Leah Salomaa

    April 5th, 2016     by Caeli Mazara     Comments

    In the lead-up to our spring music issue, we reached out to a few young emerging musicians to learn about how they got into their craft and what tips they have for artists just starting out. “Use your voice,” says Leah Salomaa, sitting at the piano on a wintry evening in west Toronto. She is leading the February Gaia Voice workshop, and the night’s songs are focused on the return of light, waking up from hibernation, … READ MORE

  • In the Blog

    Weekly Round Up: March 6

    March 6th, 2016     by Ronak Ghorbani     Comments

    Check out what’s making been making our headlines this week. READ MORE

  • In the Blog

    Unfinished Business Release New Video!

    October 6th, 2013     by Sheila Sampath     Comments

    Friends of Shameless (and also, Canada’s youngest punk band?), Unfinished Business, have just released their first music video for their hit song, EPIC FAIL (a huge hit when they played our Labour Issue launch party last year!). Check it out below, and visit their Facebook page for upcoming shows! … READ MORE

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    Rock Camp for Girls - Montreal

    April 2nd, 2013     by Julia Horel     Comments

    Celebrate Rock Camp for Girls Montreal’s Fifth Anniversary with Us! Through its five years of existence, Rock Camp for Girls Montreal has been entirely self-funded and volunteer-run. Rock Camp for Girls Montreal has grown from its first year of 18 campers and 20 volunteers to an established community presence that puts on a Showcase Concert attended by hundreds of community members every year. Rock Camp for Girls Montreal is now accepting applications for Summer 2013! Camp will … READ MORE

  • In the Blog

    That’s Rockist! A racialized experience of listening to western rock music Part I

    January 28th, 2013     by Raisa Bhuiyan     Comments

    Worn out leather jackets. Black skinny pants. Studded accessories. Groupies. Lots of groupies. Cowboy boots. Unkempt hair. Glamourous makeup. Despair. Joy. Smashing guitars in hotel rooms and getting caught in Tokyo for trying to smuggle marijuana into Japan. These terms and phrases reflect only some of the things that have come to inform the public imagination about what makes up the image of a rock star. While a careful and thoughtful analysis of pinpointing the precise social, economic and cultural factors for why rock music in … READ MORE

  • In the Blog

    Coming Out Wrong with Jesse Dangerously

    December 5th, 2012     by Anne Thériault     Comments

    Halifax rap legend Jesse Dangerously is known for using his music to combat sexism, racism, fat-phobia, homophobia, and a whole lot of other toxic stuff that we encounter in our day to day lives. Dangerously, who is now based out of Ottawa, recently released a song called Coming Out Wrong on the Fun Razor Mix Tape (a collaborative album put together by artists participating in and raising funds for the NOFRIENDS tour). Coming Out Wrong, which … READ MORE

  • In the Blog

    Guest Post: Stand up for Pussy Riot, stand up for yourself

    August 20th, 2012     by Guest Blogger     Comments

    By Kasia Mychajlowycz Last Friday, more than 100 people got together in Toronto to protest the guilty verdict and two-year sentence handed down to Russian punk rock performance artists Pussy Riot. There was punk music, chalk drawings, drumming, chanting, costumes–everything that makes a good, peaceful protest. And, of course, the media. In a way, I am “the media.” I’ve recently finished my master’s degree in journalism, and I’m wrapping up an internship at a great magazine. But … READ MORE

  • In the Blog

    The Greatest Band You’ve Never Heard Of: Fifth Column

    June 15th, 2012     by Guest Blogger     Comments

    Before Bikini Kill, before MEN, hell - before the Indigo Girls - there was Fifth Column. Fifth Column was a queer-as-hell punk band comprised of young art students from Toronto in the early 1980s, now immortalized in the recent documentary film, She Said Boom: The Story of Fifth Column directed by Kevin Hegge. Fifth Column was an all-girl band, which was just about the most political thing that could happen to the misogynist music industry of … READ MORE

  • In the Blog

    Ad.ver.sary: Making a statement in the industrial music scene

    May 22nd, 2012     by Julia Horel     Comments

    PLEASE NOTE: The video discussed in this post contains racist and sexist language, as well as violent imagery. The video is not hosted on this page. A censored transcript is found here, with a link to the video. The Kinetik festival (May 17-20 this year in Montreal) is an international festival of electro-industrial music. Toronto-based act Ad.ver.sary (Jairus Khan) was scheduled to play his set ahead of two bands he has openly criticized for using highly … READ MORE

  • In the Blog

    All-new Abstract Random

    February 28th, 2012     by Julia Horel     Comments

    Rap electro dub hop feminist group Abstract Random has released a new album, and we are stoked! (We’re big fans.) So stoked that we’re featuring a profile on the band in our upcoming issue (Spring 2012) - keep an eye out for that. From their website: “abstract random is a three human animal in facepaint and costume under a video projection. they call the wordsoundbeat electro dub hop bringing back feminist political cool.” If you don’t know … READ MORE

  • In the Blog

    Montreal event: Rock out with Rock Camp March Break Party!

    February 27th, 2012     by Julia Horel     Comments

    Rock Camp for Girls Montreal fourth annual Community Day. Join past campers and volunteers for an afternoon dance party and hear the camper songs from 2011! WHAT: Rock Camp for Girls Montreal’s Community Day - Thinking about participating in Rock Camp for Girls? Want to volunteer? Come out to our fourth annual Community Day and get a chance to mix and mingle with campers, volunteers, and find out just how awesome Rock Camp is! WHEN: Saturday March 3rd, … READ MORE

  • In the Blog

    Putting together an alternative playlist

    December 21st, 2011     by Sarah Feldbloom     Comments

    Readers! Listeners! Shameless wants to put together a podcast of music by women, trans, genderqueer and non-binary folk that comes through non-mainstream channels, from parts of the world that often feel out of reach for those of us in Canada. Can you help us? Send songs through sendspace.com or another online file sharing program to sfeldbloom@shamelessmag.com, and email some notes about the artist - where they come from, who they are, and what’s awesome about them and … READ MORE

  • In the Blog

    2011: A Shameless Retrospective

    December 20th, 2011     by Team Shameless     Comments

    What a year! People say that every year as they bid the previous one adieu but 2011 has been full of world events that have shocked and touched us. Worry is one of the words that comes to mind when we think about 2011. From worry over the economy to fretting about our political climate, it’s clear the past year was fraught with events that, despite the fast pace of our lives, has caused us … READ MORE

  • In the Blog

    Pop culture wake-up call: you can call it art, but it’s racism.

    November 21st, 2011     by Julia Horel     Comments

    I love Florence + the Machine. I discovered her a little late, some time after “Dog Days are Over” had hit it big in North America. Her voice is incredible and her songwriting is amazing, orchestral, all-encompassing, overwhelming. But maybe I should say I loved Florence - after seeing her latest music video for her latest single from Ceremonials, “No Light, No Light,” I’m just not sure. With warnings for racism, white and Christian supremacy, here’s … READ MORE

  • In the Blog

    Joint Tomboyfriend, Sheila Heti, Margaux Williamson launch!

    September 30th, 2010     by Desirée O     Comments

    Are you ready for a night of artistic awesomeness from all sides? Then you definitely need to check out the co-release party of three creative forces. The Production Front is pleased to announce MFA: an upcoming co-release on the night of Thursday, October 14th, of Sheila Heti’s third book, HOW SHOULD A PERSON BE? Tomboyfriend (led by Ryan Kamstra)’s first album, DON’T GO TO SCHOOL; and Margaux Williamson’s feature-length movie, TEENAGER HAMLET. ~ Margaux, Ryan and Sheila … READ MORE

  • In the Blog

    the antidote is in the venom - Shape Your Life Fundraising Event, June 26th in Toronto

    June 17th, 2010     by Desirée O     Comments

    Thanks to our friends in Tomboyfriend for letting us know about “the antidote is the venom”, an awesome fundraiser for Shape Your Life happening in Toronto on June 26th. Featuring Ivan E. Coyote, Sasha Van BonBon, Tomboyfriend, DJ Holly Rock, and the Newsgirls boxers. Here’s the info from the organizers: Please help us kick off PRIDE week by joining us for a very special fundraising event starring Ivan E. Coyote, Sasha Van BonBon, Tomboyfriend and some of the … READ MORE

  • In the Blog

    Celebrating 15 Years of Honey Jam - Upcoming Auditions

    May 20th, 2010     by Desirée O     Comments

    Honey Jam is celebrating 15 years! The event that helped launch the careers of Jully Black and Nelly Furtado is now the longest running all-female talent showcase in Canada. And they’re getting ready to do it all again this year! Are YOU ready to audition? Created by the amazing Ebonnie Rowe (check out an interview with Ebonnie for Shameless Women here) and PhemPhat Entertainment Group, the showcase is legendary for fierce female talents and mind-blowing performances. Are you … READ MORE

  • In the Blog

    The Billie Hollies

    May 6th, 2010     by Desirée O     Comments

    I’m always intrigued and excited to find out about a band that’s exploring new territory when it comes to what music can do. That’s why it was so great to find out about The Billie Hollies. The joined talents of Coralie Martens (piano, vocals, French horn), Julia Hambleton (clarinet, bass clarinet, vocals), Janet Morassutti (guitar, vocals), and Donna Linklater (lead vocals, autoharp), make up one super-cool band. Why? First, because of their awesome “folk-noir” sound which is unique … READ MORE

  • In the Blog

    IWD In Your Ears

    March 8th, 2010     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

    As members of CKUT’s feminist radio collective, my Venus co-hosts and I were asked to program a special set today on the show New Shit for International Women’s Day, on women musicians we love and who’ve inspired us. We ended up having a great time just playing records and chatting about women we admire, so I thought I’d post a link so you can hear the songs and stories we’ve been throwing down. Click here … READ MORE

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