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    Maker Monday! Animal Masks!

    October 27th, 2014     by Kate-Christine Miller     Comments

    Learn to make a fun and easy animal mask that can double as a low-commitment Halloween costume! READ MORE

  • Youth Voices

    Art Work Part 2: The Realities of Becoming an Artist

    June 12th, 2014     by Skittlez Gunn     Comments

    Skittlez Gunn’s second of 3 posts on becoming a professional artist as a young woman. This week Skittlez talks about what happens after you have decided to pursue art as a career! READ MORE

  • Blog Series

    Maker Monday! Mini Zines!

    May 26th, 2014     by Kate-Christine Miller     Comments

    Feeling like you’ve got something to say? A story to tell? Publish a pocket-sized book for yourself or friends! Last week Coco Riot taught us what we needed to know about mini zines! Photocopy and send in tiny envelopes! Hide it in the school library! READ MORE

  • Youth Voices

    Maker Monday! Pre-Pride Edition!

    May 12th, 2014     by Kate-Christine Miller     Comments

    It’s our weekly DIY post from our friends at Delisle Youth Services’ Studio program! This week for Maker Monday, we’re gearing up for the Pride festival! We will be spending our Maker Monday designing our custom Pride button to give out at this year’s World Pride in Toronto! READ MORE

  • Youth Voices

    Maker Monday! Weaving Wheel!

    May 5th, 2014     by Kate-Christine Miller     Comments

    It’s our weekly DIY post from our friends at Delisle Youth Services’ Studio program! Last week Raz stopped in and showed us how to make our very own weaving wheel out of a scrap of cardboard. Now we’re making round bracelets, belts, and loops all the time! READ MORE

  • Youth Voices

    Maker Monday! Stickers!

    April 28th, 2014     by Kate-Christine Miller     Comments

    It’s our weekly DIY post from our friends at Delisle Youth Services’ Studio program! Last Monday Nigel taught us to unleash our inner doodling genius, and to create simple stickers to personalize our stuff and trade with friends! READ MORE

  • Youth Voices

    Maker Monday! Flower Crowns!

    April 21st, 2014     by Kate-Christine Miller     Comments

    We made flower crowns! Come on Spring! READ MORE

  • Youth Voices

    Maker Monday: Animal Ears!

    April 14th, 2014     by Maya Peters     Comments

    We made amazing animal ear headbands, tails, and even part of a Glaceon (from Pokemon) costume! READ MORE

  • Blog Series

    Maker Monday! DIY Lipstick

    April 7th, 2014     by Kate-Christine Miller     Comments

    Every Monday we’ll be sharing an idea for something you can make! This week it’s Lipstick! READ MORE

  • In the Blog

    TIFF Next Wave Film Festival Competition

    January 2nd, 2014     by Jennifer Marston     Comments

    The Toronto International Film Festival Battle of the Scores showcase has just released its competition info, check it out below: TIFF is now accepting entries for the Battle of the Scores competition (BotS). High-energy, high-profile and unique, BotS showcases youth music and film talent by challenging high-school bands to create and perform original scores for short films. The competition is live, and a winner is determined by audience votes and a panel of esteemed judges from … READ MORE

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    Summer Fun While Thinking Big in Toronto

    July 9th, 2012     by deb singh     Comments

    Summer in the city is a great idea. It can yield heat waves, festivals, and lots of social moments. It can also be smelly with garbage and overrun raccoons, boring if you don’t have money, and full of drama. I love summer in the city. As a city kid, I have tons of ideas to keep the sweat off your brow and have a great time (with cash or none at all) and still figure out … READ MORE

  • In the Blog

    Why My Hearing Aid is a Political Statement

    April 19th, 2011     by Shoshana Erlich     Comments

    Sometimes having a disability sucks. It isn’t always about the ableist attitudes of others, sometimes just living in a world where there are things other people can do that you can’t is really crappy too. Not to mention all of the technology that goes along with being disabled, whether it is a white cane, voice to speech or speech to voice software, a wheelchair, crutches or a hearing aid. Virtually any disability comes with some … READ MORE

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    Campus gropers told to look over shoulders

    February 27th, 2011     by Jenna Owsianik     Comments

    Last semester at least three women reported being groped while on The University of British Columbia campus. Almost predictably the message from police was for us ladies to watch ourselves and make sure we took the proper steps to avoid being the next target. I didn’t hear police warning men to stop assaulting women. Then a few weeks ago I came across some signs near the university library giving tips to the campus gropers on how … READ MORE

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    !! Rebel, REBEL !!

    January 4th, 2011     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

    Prince George, BC-based derby girl, social justice activist, youth counsellor, and DIY’r Laura Burkholder is putting together her first zine as a challenge to herself (and to get it off her bucket list). Her zine will be called “Rebel, REBEL: A collective experience” and will focus on rebelling against the dominant paradigms of consumerism and patriarchy. She would like the zine to look at how there are a million different ways, large and small, that we … READ MORE

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    Smash Patriarchy Embroidery Sampler!

    November 17th, 2010     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

    In the spirit of the oncoming holidays and perhaps the need to put together a present for someone that you really like when you have little or almost no cash, I put together this embroidery sampler! You should be able to root around your place for a sewing needle and a not-so-stained tea towel? Now scrounge up a dollar and head to a thrift store where you’ll find some embroidery floss and an embroidery hoop. … READ MORE

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    Shameless at Canzine Sunday

    October 23rd, 2010     by Nicole Cohen     Comments

    On Sunday, Shameless will be at Canzine, Broken Pencil’s annual zine fair and festival of alternative culture. Come say hello to our new editors and check out the awesome merch we’ll have on sale (cheap magazines!). Also, check out Editorial & Art Director Sheila Sampath’s reflections on Canzine. Sunday, Oct. 23 The Great Hall, 1087 Queen Street West (Toronto) 1-7 p.m. … READ MORE

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    Fight Boredom!

    September 9th, 2010     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

    Hello Amber of the Fight Boredom Zine Distro is one of my ultimate Zine Heroes. Based out of Montreal, feminist Hello Amber!, runs this small zine distro and puts together the Fight Boredom Zine as well as a perzine, Culture Slut. Her distro is led by its inspiring Fight Boredom Manifesto: ONLY BORING PEOPLE GET BORED Or, The Fight Boredom Manifesto We will fight boredom with action, ideas and creativity. We will fight boredom with feminism, friend dates and … READ MORE

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    The Great Candy Caper of 2010

    January 10th, 2010     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

    Recently my partner and I relocated to Vancouver Island from the wintery north to take a new-ish life: long growing seasons for gardening, future island hopping, and new jobs! Little did I know that by relocating from an amazing job where I felt I was actually making a difference in my community to a smaller island community meant that jobs are actually few and far between. In desperation to ensure I could pay my bills … READ MORE

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    Parkdale Street Writers are back!

    October 5th, 2009     by Megan Griffith-Greene     Comments

    We here at Shameless are big fans of the Parkdale Street Writers, a fantastic forum for youth writers (some of which we’ve been very lucky to reprint in the magazine). And a new set of workshops are about to begin. In addition to workshops with some amazing Toronto artists, participants get to try their hand at a wide range of creative writing, including comics, lyrics, poetry, video narratives and storytelling. Full deets from PSW co-ordinator Emily … READ MORE

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    August 24th, 2009     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

    This past weekend I got to participate in a teen girl roller derby camp that my place of employment, the YMCA, threw with a handful of other local agencies and businesses. One of the girls’ main projects was DIY-ing their camp t-shirts into derby dresses/shirts of wonder. They used lace, glitter, markers, and general deconstruction techniques to turn their men’s cut tees into the sassy piece they desired. The fun part was that even though … READ MORE

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